John W. Furst
Virtual Real Estate Is Money

Hi folks,

I only wanted to answer a simple question on Twitter. But I already had typed about as many words as would not fit into 5 tweets. It was going to get messy on no one would be able to follow my thoughts and the conversation.

Actually the first time that I am using tumblr for this kind of posts. Let’s see if it works for you. I am kind of in the flow, just came back from a relaxing time on the nearby beach.

Okay, that will be fun here. And you might learn something, too.

It started out as a conversation with my friend Darren on Twitter about his guitar playing and songwriting skills. (Check it out! Especially his first video.)

Twitter conversation

Anyway, now Darren asks,

“please explain to me more about the ‘claim your virtual real estate’ from earlier. I assume U mean various network site profiles?”

Here is my answer.

Still tweet-a-like (got much longer :-)), but easier to follow when they are next to eachother.

@williger … ‘virtual real estate’. Sure, it’s extremely important to be out there in the Web 2.0 world and be present on the important networks like Twitter, Facebook (especially have fan pages and groups!), and Youtube, and …, and …, and, …

Certainly the key for handling all those is to measure where you resonate the most with your audience and focus your effort there.

E.g. 1 or 2 posts on LinkedIn a week is better than none. Probably takes 1 minute to post for example a quote by Napoleon Hill or Paris Hilton (LoL).

But you must not forget:
  1. Web 2.0 is not your space. It’s owned by a third party! They can go out of business, shut it down, start a war with Google and make your effort less effective in many ways, … and they can totally disown you.
  2. Web 2.0 is a party space. If they “wanna go home with you,” where do you bring them?
Back to your site, right!

The hole metaphor with “virtual realestate” is a pretty good one. Because that’s one of the most neglected and easiest to handle SEO rules there is,

“Simply having more quality (always talking about quality!) pages out there increases the odds for getting organic traffic and keeping visitors on your site for a longer time, engage them, etc. …”

I am not talking about stuffing everything into one or two mega sites. No. Just the number of pages in general that you own that cross link between your site. Right:
  • YOUR domain
  • YOUR pages in YOUR hosting account
And don’t forget to build
  • YOUR email lists of prospects and customers (great you have a physical address too from customers that you can use for marketing.)
That is what I was talking about.

Now, John Reese was one of the first Internet marketers, who said, “…the real money is in other people’s list …”

It perfectly makes sense. Think about.

(I am so much in the flow.. Swimming is so great for the mind. Will go back to the beach right after I have posted this one.)
  • Let’s say you have 85,000 prospects and 1,200 customers in one of your niches (nutrition for example)
  • You are not the only one in that niche. It’s a rather competitive one. How many prospects and customers do you think your potential JV partners (also known as competitors) have? Not all of them are suitable partners for you, but some. I guess that’s a no-brainer.
Now the last question

It’s not only about chasing potential JV partners. They are pretty much scanning the fields too. Don’t you think it’s an additional asset…
  • … to have a popular site in your niche with a collection of great articles which get attention from the search engines?
  • … to have banner space you can sell.
  • … to have 100% control. And much much more.
It’s not really new, but a lot of people seem to have forgotten on the wake of social media (myself included a bit).

Much longer than originally intented.

John W. Furst

P.S.: Darren, I know you know most of that just wanted it to lay out for everyone, too.

P.P.S.: Back to the beach.

P.P.P.S.: Some of the wisdom is rather new, inspired by Perry’s videos. I wrote about it, “Build A Big List For Free Using Social Media,” on my main blog.